About me

Welcome to my book blog

About me… I have always devoured books. However, over time and with age, this has diminished as my studies, and later my job have reduced my free time to a minimum. Further, I didn’t use this little remaining free time wisely. That’s why I got into the habit of always having a book or an audiobook at hand. It also helps to escape the stress of everyday life and sometimes not to lose my mind completely.

Start of “WordsAndFiction”

Because of Covid, I started writing reviews to document my thoughts somewhere. First, I posted random pictures with my review on Instagram, later on Goodreads. Then my girlfriend motivated me to put it all on a blog. And here we are now, on WordsAndFiction. 🙂

My summaries are often short because I’m a fan of highlighting the essentials. Long reviews often reveal too much, and the element of surprise is lost. That’s exactly what I want to avoid with my short teasers.

Although English is not my mother tongue, I read books mainly in this language.

By the way, I am female, in my 30s and have a thing for palm trees, so I tend to photograph every palm tree that crosses my path—one reason why I love to travel so much.


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