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My favourite books

If I were to reach for a comfort book (or audiobook), it would be one from this (very long) pile of masterpieces (in my humble opinion). Enjoy the ride!

Blissfully Blindsided Book Review

‘Blissfully Blindsided’ Book Review

The humorous book "Blissfully Blindsided" was written by Robin Alexander and published in 2018. My Thoughts That was ...
When the Star Sang Book Review

‘When the Stars Sang’ Book Review

The magnificent book "When the Stars Sang" was written by Caren J. Werlinger and published in 2018. My ...
That Woman Next Door Book Review

‘That Woman Next Door’ Book Review

"That Woman Next Door" is a novel that gets under your skin. It was published by none other ...
Behind the Green Curtain book review

‘Behind the Green Curtain’ Book Review

This intense and excellent book by Riley Lashea was first published in 2013. My Thoughts Oh my goodness ...
The Headmistress Book Review

‘The Headmistress’ Book Review

The talented Milena McKay wrote the romance novel called "The Headmistress", published in 2021. My Thoughts Wow! Phew, ...
If You Kiss Me Like That Book Review

‘If You Kiss Me Like That’ Book Review

The extraordinary Harper Bliss wrote "If You Kiss Me Like That", released in 2020. My Thoughts What a ...
When You Least Expect It Book Review

‘When You Least Expect It’ Book Review

The incredible Haley Cass published the cute read "When You Least Expect It" in 2020. My Thoughts When ...
Under Your Skin Book Review

‘Under Your Skin’ Book Review

The second part, "Under Your Skin", of Lee Winter's "On The Record" series, was published in 2018. My ...
The Red Files Book Review

‘The Red Files’ Book Review

Are you looking for a mystery? Romance? Then get yourself "The Red Files" by the great Lee Winter, ...
The Music and the Mirror Book Review

‘The Music and the Mirror’ Book Review

Lola Keeley published the ballerina romance "The Music and the Mirror" in 2018. My Thoughts This book lands ...
Those Who Wait Book Review

‘Those Who Wait’ Book Review

The extraordinary author, Haley Cass, wrote the page-turner "Those Who Wait", a romance novel published in 2020. My ...
Beautiful Dreamer Book Review

‘Beautiful Dreamer’ Book Review

"Beautiful Dreamer" is a sugary sweet romance novel by Melissa Brayden, which was published in 2019. My Thoughts ...
Just For Show book review

‘Just For Show’ Book Review

The fantastic Jae published a sweet romance novel titled "Just for Show" in 2018. My Thoughts This was ...
And Playing the Role of Herself book review

‘And Playing the Role of Herself’ Book Review

The captivating, romantic novel "And Playing the Role of Herself" by K.E. Lane was published in 2007. My ...
Hotel Queens book review

‘Hotel Queens’ Book Review

The page-turner "Hotel Queens", written by Lee Winter, is a romance novel published in 2020. My Thoughts I ...
The Brutal Truth book review

‘The Brutal Truth’ Book Review

Lee Winter's "The Brutal Truth" is a lesbian romance novel, published in 2017. My Thoughts That damn book ...
Seasons Of Love book review

‘Seasons Of Love’ Book Review

"Seasons Of Love" is another marvellous romantic novel by the renowned Harper Bliss. The book was published in ...
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo book review

‘The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo’ Book Review

'The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo' is a historical fiction novel from 2017 by New York Times bestselling ...

As you might have noticed while scrolling through this page, many books (or audiobooks) I consider my favourites belong to the LGBTQ+ genre (and its many subgenres). However, I am interested in many other topics and I am always looking for recommendations of fascinating books to devour next.

You can always contact me and send me some suggestions of books of any genre out there. I mostly read romance, mystery, young-adult or non-fiction. But, as I said, I’m open to new literary experiences to learn and have some fun.

Lately, I am immersing myself in the fascinating non-fiction subgenres of science, astrophysics and space (so different from romance, I know). So let me know if you have read a good book about these topics. I will be happy to give it a try and add them to my list!