Blissfully Blindsided Book Review

‘Blissfully Blindsided’ Book Review

The humorous book “Blissfully Blindsided” was written by Robin Alexander and published in 2018.

My Thoughts

That was one of the most entertaining stories I’ve read in a long time. Robin Alexander has the talent to captivate you not only with good storytelling but also with humour. And this book was exactly what I needed: Something that amuses me and intrigues me at the same time. In Alexander, it turns out that I have found an author whose stories are balm for my soul.

I was wondering how best to explain the plot of the book. Honestly, the closest thing you can compare it to is a queer version of “Gilmore Girls” because it’s also a generational story, and there are actually one or two parallels. (Well, at least for me) For example, the plot is fast-paced. Additionally, the interactions and dialogues are quirky and so witty. I often had to laugh because of the humorous and unconventional portrayal of the characters. Another similarity is that the action also takes place in a small town. As is often the case, rumours and speculations spread like wildfire.

But now to the characters, because there were a handful of them. The most important ones are Blaze Sonnier and Caleigh Breaux. Blaze has had little luck with dating or social interactions lately. After several catastrophic incidents, she’s the talk of the town. And one day, her estranged mother shows up on her doorstep to make matters worse. In addition, her older sister Ronnie is going through early menopause and is therefore facing some personal changes. So it happens that she often seeks shelter and help from Blaze.

Caleigh changes jobs and moves to Falcon, Louisiana, to be near her grandparents. But her journey goes awry when she gets a flat tire en route and gets stuck on a remote road. That’s when she meets Blaze, and they hit it off right away.

As you can see, a lot is going on, but I had the best time reading this book. It has very little angst, lovely main and secondary characters. It is fast-paced and, on top of that, very entertaining. Recommended!

My rating for ‘Blissfully Blindsided’

5 stars rating

I absolutely loved the plot and the characters. It was a fantastic read, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

About the author

Robin Alexander is an American author of lesbian novels. Her books are known for their humorous plots and witty dialogues.

Some well-known publications include “Pitifully Ugly”, “The Summer of Our Discontent”, and “Just Jorie”.

Robin Alexander, author

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