The Music and the Mirror Book Review

‘The Music and the Mirror’ Book Review

Lola Keeley published the ballerina romance “The Music and the Mirror” in 2018.

My Thoughts

This book lands on my favourite book pile without question because it just has everything you want in a story. There is drama and intrigue, but also love and lust. And very often, these things go hand in hand—a perfect reason why this book was made for me. Sadly, though, I miss my pill-popping ballerinas already.

It centres on an elite ballet company and their dancers. The two main characters are Anna, who joins as a new member, and Victoria, a retired prima ballerina who now works as the company’s artistic director.

The character traits of the two MCs are very different. Anna seems awkward and naïve at first, as she has little experience in the industry because of her age. On the other hand, Victoria behaves like an ice queen, seems aloof, and follows strict discipline. But as time goes by, you get to know them both from a different side, as they show their true selves step by step.

As the story unfolds, they both realise that they need each other for the business’s success. And during this journey, you get to know the depths of ballet, its beauty and its lows. The book confronts you with jealousy, hurt and betrayal, but also with painful pasts. All these things give you a sense of how much these dancers sacrifice for their success.

But while you see all these dramatic things, the chemistry between Anna and Victoria grows. The relationship builds slowly, but it fits perfectly with the characters and the story itself. And thankfully, they both get a happy ending that just makes sense. What a great book! The writing style and the portrayal of the ballet felt realistic and incredible. It was like being part of the ballet company.

My rating for ‘The Music and the Mirror’

5 stars rating

I absolutely loved the plot and the characters. It was a fantastic read, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

About the author

Lola Keely is a Scottish novelist living in Edinburgh.

She has published several lesbian novels, including “The Music and the Mirror”, “Slammed”, “Major Surgery”, and many more.

Lola Keely, author

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